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    Brief About Logistic & Warehouse Solutions

    In the business environment, everybody wants the products and raw material at their place. But, to get them in the right place at the right time is only possible if the good logistic is there. In this case, tech-smart solutions must-have for operational excellence.From tracking the inventory to the shipment booking should be managed, and that can only make the job of logistics easier.

    From the functionality to productivity, the logistic industry can make the world of difference for warehousing as well as shipment. Let’s talk about some well-integrated solutions that can keep them all your spare thoughts in one and help the industry by making the toughest task too easy. and that can be possible by different solutions.

    Different Logistic Of Solutions

    On-Demand Shipment Tracking Solution

    Track the shipment is necessary and that’s why much logistic industry wants this. Track drivers, vehicles, shipments need one solution and the one in all solutions is on-demand shipment tracking solution. Here are some features of the shipment tracking solution:

    • AWD/Shipment number providing
    • GPS tracking
    • Total verification
    • Route identification
    • Estimated time and date message
    • Push notifications
    • Communication with the fleet

    As for the other industry voice skills works, it is also important for the logistic one. From the packing, to picking up goods the voice skills helps to add the special touch in that.

    • Voice-Directed Orders
    • Capture Optimized Sound
    • Hardware Agnostic System Make The Process Hassle-Free
    • Allocation, Dispatch And Tracking Automation
    • Navigate Through Instruction

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    The smart connection, IoT revolutionize the logistic. Without IoT, the logistic will be like a human without a hand and leg. Considering the sensor for GPS tracking, the most important tool for the logistic.

    • Sensor Can Track Vehicle Via GPS
    • Vehicle Verification Via Bar-Code
    • Safe Transportation Via Route Tracking
    • Smart Location Management
    • Delivery Status, Activities And Vehicle Location
    • Monitor Fragile Goods And Avoid Loss

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    AR can help in logistic, introducing it to the real world. To educate the driver and worker with the holography images can help in logistic.

    • On Spot Training With AR
    • Streamlining Operation
    • Provider The Holographic Images
    • Project Goods Information

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    Something picked up for few times, and helpful for the industry – wearables. The hands-free devices always help the workers as well as users.

    • Real-Time Updates
    • Push Notifications
    • Instruction, Suggestions
    • Make The Process Faster And Simpler
    • 24/7 Information Available

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    Whether it is a customer-facing bot or supply chain operation bot, both are important for the logistic.

    • Delivery Booking
    • Delivery Inquiries
    • Navigation For The Driver
    • Warehousing Information
    • Shipment Tracking
    • Get Answer Of The Basic Questions
    • Track The Customer Order And Predict